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Radiator Recoring Services Product Details: Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit Application/Usage Automobile Type of Service Maintenance, Repair, Disassembly If your radiator core is not repairable we will recore your radiator with a similar core or custom-design an improved core for each specific application. Our favorite core style is what we call the 'DHLF' core. This core uses 3/4" (inline or staggered) dimpled tubes spaced on 7/16" centers for maximum water flowing capacity. The dimples in the tubes help turbulate the water to maximize cooling efficiency as well as slow the water flow down and expand tubal surface area. The other major feature of this core is the 'solder-dipped' core faces. After both faces of the copper-finned core are dipped in a vat of molten solder, the fins become stronger than any other fin style except steel while retaining the heat dissipation quality of copper. We specialize in building new radiators for Hitachi processors, Madill bunchers and loaders, Kelmar forklifts and reach stackers, Cat skidders, John Deere excavators, Link-belt, Volvo, Terex, Hyundai, cummins, Taylor and many other makes of trucks and Generators. We take the OEM aluminum radiator (either all-aluminum design or copper core with tanks) and draw up a template of the tanks and the mounting brackets. We assemble the new radiators, using HD brass or steel tanks/brackets and an industrial flat fin core design for easy-breathing and self-cleaning characteristics as opposed to the lighterweight OEM serpentine (automotive-style) fin core. The customer will appreciate this complete assembly and the 'drop-in' fit. More than anything else, the customer will appreciate the improved cooling performance and less cleaning downtime. We recore farm tractor rads using in-line tubes and fins, especially for silaging/haying applications. Radiator we will custom build radiators for antiques, hot rods, race cars, ATVs, etc. Rs 12, 500 / Unit
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